Thank you Audible for Return Item Feature

There are already so many reasons to like Audible, the most popular audiobook shopping site out there. Beside the large collection, their easy to use monthly subscription service, and ability to keep your purchases and redownload them forever, today I was amazed to find another feature just by mere luck. As I haven’t been driving […]

Gmail Authentication Icon for Verified Senders

While this may seem a bit obvious for a moment, anyone who have dealt with PayPal or eBay might have noticed the great amount of scam emails that is sent. Such emails try to fake the identity of the sender, pretending to be PayPal for example. And while a spam filter as good as Gmail […]

Gmail new as you type transliteration

I’d be surprised if this is more than one or two days old as I don’t recall seeing it before. Today as I was typing the email I saw a new option beside the Bold font option. > And it would seem this is an application of the Google Ta3reeb Arabic Transliteration, only it works […]

Finally, a possible good YouTube revenue model

When Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion just 3 years ago, many argued about the value of this purchase, with YouTube’s high running costs and the lack of any revenue model. And it did fail to stop losses for the past 3 years as well, and all Google got from it was new lawsuits, now […]

Tasks Now Integrated with Google Calendar

Google have started embedding and integrating the newly introduced Gmail Tasks into it’s Google Calendar. A step forward to the ultimate project management platform I say. With best online document, spreadsheet, calendar, and email, it’s just a few steps away from being combined into a real solid product for managing all your projects. Tasks bar […]

Google Similar Images

This is actually pretty neat feature, and works fine once you identify a specific pretty popular object like the London bridge in the video, or Cars in my case. But not for places like Kuwait Towers for example. Maybe they’re still building up their full database. It seems to be taking the clouds heavily into […]

Draw on your Google Docs

Google Docs and it’s other office collections just keep getting better, I just need a project management tool on top of it to fully replace Zoho and Basecamp. Google Docs have just added Drawing tools to their list of features, using SVG, the XML-based file format for describing two dimensional vector graphics, and no Flash […]