Neat Live Score feature by Google

Try it for your favorite sport/team.

Twitter new “more” button feature is nice, but!

There is a new Twitter button (for the minority who use the website :) that will bring you more of your twitter updates on the fly without moving back and forth between pages. This is quite a relief for us, and hopefully them, as they will limit the data being transferred to the real content, […]

Can Gmail Chat Talk to MSN?

I’m not sure how true is that, but before today I never saw Hotmail contacts on my side menu chat list, today I see several of them, some I only contacted once long time ago, and can invite them. Up till now, I couldn’t see anything on Google News or anywhere else, but here is […]

Google Digitizes LIVE Photo Archive

  Not only did Google introduce Image Ads today, but also have given the world digital access online to millions of LIVE’s archived photos stretching back to the 1750s, that were otherwise unreachable to most people. To perform a LIVE archive search, simply do something like “einstein source:life“

Google Embeds Ads in Image Search

Today I noticed that Google have started introducing Sponsored Ads on top of their image results page. Right now if I try several searches again however, for some reason it doesn’t show up. Was it just a small testing period? Maybe. The ads anyways don’t ruin the page look and usability to an annoying level. […]

Gmail Finally Introduces (REAL) Folders

Since it’s early launch, Gmail users have been screaming for some Folder organization feature just like Yahoo! has. Gmail introduced later on Labels, which is a way to label your emails and you can use filters to automate this labeling based on email content. But that was still different from what people needed. Email would […]

Google SearchWiki Launches But…

So Google finally launched their SearchWiki service to the public, and right now, anyone who is Googling while logged in to his Google Account should get options to Promote, Remove, and add comments to the specific result. That may not be something really people wanna do all the time, but sometimes it could become useful […]