So funny comic browser comparison by IE8

And what’s more funny is, it’s not even a comic!

Add Keyword Shortcuts to Google Translate in Firefox

The number of times a day I find my self going to Google Translate or Googling for define: <word> is really amazing, and opening the page over and over is tedious as well. Leaving the tab open is a good way, but hey it will get lost soon in the middle of all the other […]

3-D Acceleration Web Standard on the way

With the blessing and support of leading tech companies like Adobe, AMD, Apple, Google, IBM and Intel, the Khronos Group will take the lead developing an open, royalty-free standard for the presentation of accelerated online 3-D Graphics. The Khronos Group is hoping to find ways to expose the OpenGL and OpenGL ES 2.0 using the […]

Better Gmail for Chrome

(via CNET) It’s starting now. Some real, even if hacked, extensions. The famous Better Gmail extension for Firefox that adds rich features to Gmail such as message highlighting and attachment icons has been ported to Chrome and can be downloaded from here. The installation requires you to have Google Chrome Channel Changer first, and then […]

Google Chrome - Last Browser Standing

One day into the Pwn2Own hacking competition, and all 3 major browsers (IE, Firefox and Safari) have fallen down, leaving Google Chrome, with predicted 2% market share), standing on its own. Interesting notes are that Opera was not part of the competition, and the first one falling was, you bet, Safari! Later, the winning hacker […]

Firefox-like Extensions for Chrome in May?

 It would seem that the missing most critical element of Google Chrome is about to be fulfilled with what seems to be more than just plain rumors about possible Firefox-like extension support for Chrome this May. The conclusion was made by an alerted blogger who witnessed the already made announcement of future undated Chrome extension […]

50 Recommended Firefox Extensions

I came across this list of 50 recommended Firefox loyal users, or Mac Chrome to-be ones. And while I haven’t gone through all of them, the ones that caught my attention, or I am enjoying already are: 1- ColorZilla: One of the reasons I still open Firefox is to get the color of a certain […]