Congrats Open World Browsers…

For the first time in eight years, IE browser users percentage dropped to less than 70% (Thanks to IE 7) as Firefox soared above 20% for first time for a whole month. Chrome has it’s 0.8% share as well, and surprisingly, their launch did not stop Firefox from their expansion. Guess it is a happy […]

Ubiquity - The Firefox Game Changer

No Comments. Ubiquity for Firefox from Aza Raskin on Vimeo. Visit Ubiquity page for more info.

FREE FTP Clients of Choice

While FireFTP was my FTP Client of choice for some time, as it can do pretty much anything you want from within the browser, it had it’s drawbacks when dealing with large files. It takes long time, and the progress count is not accurate at all then. Another thing is that, for all the strength […]