Google Communicates with Saddam

Some of you might have already heard about this. The Google Native Client SDK is an effort by Google in bringing the Native Client to the web, helping developers put real rich web applications, without heavy server call backs. Besides the promising future in this short video, you would see the automatic speech recognition in […]

Google Opt-Out Privacy Feature

To all those who question Google’s ethics, fear their privacy violation, and have DOUBT about “Do Not Do Evil” motto, Google proudly gives you this. Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To Remote Village

What Happened In My Birth Year? is a fun site that asks for nothing from you but your birth year, and then starts telling you the stories of that year. I tried to sneak into the year 2012 to see whether the world ends, but alas, it does not have information for that year yet. Maybe it’s because the world […]

Ruins of “Friendster” Civilization Uncovered by Internet Archaeologists

I really sit down and ask my self from time to time, how would future generations if we get wiped out uncover us?

Cute Spammer

OK, so if you’re really bored, Gmail Spam folder has some real fun stuff in it, like this lad here greatly appreciating if I link back to his new ebay & craigslist killer sites. He just failed to mention the stock option I’ll be getting out of this. Dear … I would greatly appreciate your […]

Ever tried

So often we come across examples in sites and textbooks like… to explain a certain point. But I’ve always wondered how would you ago about using someone’s domain to give an example, and how those people felt, and wouldn’t they argue about using their site to give inaccurate URLs for the sake of example? […]

Google Reader Secret Code

1- Go to Google Reader & Login if you haven’t already 2- Click UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A Now you have 30 lives (unread topics) in every subscription. And just for fun, click the Like & Unlike button. No, I didn’t try infinite number of permutations until I found this.