What is this GROG Argentineans drink?

OMG, I kept reading comments over Grumpy Gamer for someone to tell me it’s a joke, but this is what a prank ended up causing in Argentina! And what’s SCUMM anyways? And this is the Dr’s official page.

Question everything, Einstein said

The Force Is Strong With This NERD!

I think we should have large scale game of this style. That would be the only fighting game I’m really interested in!

My Mac is going on debt

Probably the recession… PS: I was just deleting some backup files and not removing Firefox, NO.

Survival of the Geekiest

Every country has its own food serving and meal gathering habits. Some are bizarre for outsiders. In Iran for example, when visitors come for lunch, they would serve the meal in a room, then leave the guests alone in that room and close the door. That’s pretty odd and might seem inconvenient for some, including […]

This is an awful lot of fun!

Tip for Amazon: Measure twice, cut once!

So which one is it? 12 or 60? Sounds more boring than Commodore Sierra games! Not even with the laptop inside should it weight 22 pounds! Now why would you recommend a 1 star item to me? Is my choice that bad? This is both sad and ironic. Such mistakes are becoming more frequent by […]