Que e-Reader unveiled, pricey and more…

The official unveiling of the much anticipated Que e-Reader finally happened at CES 2010, and boy am I disappointed with how it ended. I was expecting this to be a fearsome competitor to the kindle and be a major player in the eBook readers market, but now I’d be surprised if I see someone carrying it. Not […]

Digital Paperless Desk

Don’t you always end up with pile of receipts and no space to file them? And when one device fails, you’d have to dig up through the pile of receipts to take out the warranty and see if it’s still valid. Such tedious task that you sometimes end up paying to fix it your self […]

My 2nd Gadget, My Kindle!

This is the second part of my shipment I had to fight for last Sunday besides the iPhone 3G S, so you can tell it was a rather big day, and it will be some time before I get any new gadgets. The Amazon Kindle 6”, quite a fascinating eBook reading device that made me […]

Survival of the Geekiest

Every country has its own food serving and meal gathering habits. Some are bizarre for outsiders. In Iran for example, when visitors come for lunch, they would serve the meal in a room, then leave the guests alone in that room and close the door. That’s pretty odd and might seem inconvenient for some, including […]

Watch your iPod movies in large with MyVu

A friend sent me this link for MyVu just now. $300 is a lot for this, but I’m sure some would want to spend it. I mean, think of all the free time in Government job, and I don’t think the new elections are the best way to spend it :). Just kidding. Enjoy it.