Toy Story 3 Video Game, Just How All Movie Games Should Be

How many movie games are released each year? How many movie games have you tried in your life time? How many did you really like? The answer would be I bet very close to zero! Well I can say I added one to mine. The moment I saw Toy Story 3 video game trailer it […]

Quake 2 on HTML5

Unbelievable huh? If you know me very well you’ll know how much I hate April Fool, and this video was released the same day. But so was Gmail! I hope Gmail isn’t a long time joke as well cause I’ve been swearing my life on it for years. So anyways, this is the official Google […]

The Force Is Strong With This NERD!

I think we should have large scale game of this style. That would be the only fighting game I’m really interested in!

Watch Drones: The Unmanned US Air Force

With US buying more of these unmanned air planes next year than regular manned air planes, I think they’re gonna be hunting hard core gamers soon! via CNET News.

Interview with Assassin’s Creed 2 Creative Director

They’re bringing the game to new levels here really!

Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition and…

Isn’t that the best E3 so far? Well it is for Monkey Island fans. Lucasarts have finally decided to honor the lovers of the old Monkey Island franchise, and is in an advanced stage of releasing the special edition of Secret of Monkey Island game this summer with enhanced graphics and art, original actor voices […]

Akinator can guess your character

I don’t regularly post about emails I receive, but the promise this Akinator promised is pretty well delivered. It will ask you a series of questions and then give you the character you’re thinking of. I know there are lots of known algorithms already out there, but this one’s so mature and rich. It would […]