Use Gmail Filters to auto-arrange your email tasks

So often do I come across an interesting article or video while browsing the web, especially using my mobile. I want to read the article, or I have something to do with that article, but I just don’t have the time (or iphone is too slow to keep up with the new OS 4) that […]

Gmail Mobile on Nokia 6500 Slide giving ‘Certificate Invalid’ error

This is an email I get from someone reporting the problem, and I thought it would be nice to publish the result for public benefit, so I might be doing more of this later on. Problem is it seems is Nokia 6500 Slide Gmail app is giving ‘no appropriate certificate’ or ‘certificate invalid’ error. What […]

Gmail Authentication Icon for Verified Senders

While this may seem a bit obvious for a moment, anyone who have dealt with PayPal or eBay might have noticed the great amount of scam emails that is sent. Such emails try to fake the identity of the sender, pretending to be PayPal for example. And while a spam filter as good as Gmail […]

Gmail new as you type transliteration

I’d be surprised if this is more than one or two days old as I don’t recall seeing it before. Today as I was typing the email I saw a new option beside the Bold font option. > And it would seem this is an application of the Google Ta3reeb Arabic Transliteration, only it works […]

I’m a Gmail Ninja Master

I have mastered the Gmail Ninja tips. I now hold the ultimate Gmail power! Forget Ninja Gaiden. Take the path to become a Gmail Ninja Master. For First, it’s much shorter, easier, and more user friendly. And second, I bet it will make your life much better than that game! Official Google Blog Post.

Better Gmail for Chrome

(via CNET) It’s starting now. Some real, even if hacked, extensions. The famous Better Gmail extension for Firefox that adds rich features to Gmail such as message highlighting and attachment icons has been ported to Chrome and can be downloaded from here. The installation requires you to have Google Chrome Channel Changer first, and then […]

Big Giant Down

Did you ever wonder how long a man can live without Gmail? Now you can live it! UPDATE 1: Thank God crisis is gone! I heard that Gmail’s POP/IMAP was still working at the time though. Now that Gmail is back up (for me at least), I still can’t find an official answer on Google’s […]