Can Gmail Chat Talk to MSN?

I’m not sure how true is that, but before today I never saw Hotmail contacts on my side menu chat list, today I see several of them, some I only contacted once long time ago, and can invite them. Up till now, I couldn’t see anything on Google News or anywhere else, but here is […]

Gmail Finally Introduces (REAL) Folders

Since it’s early launch, Gmail users have been screaming for some Folder organization feature just like Yahoo! has. Gmail introduced later on Labels, which is a way to label your emails and you can use filters to automate this labeling based on email content. But that was still different from what people needed. Email would […]

Gmail New Themes… Do You Like Them?

So Gmail have just introduced their new Themes feature, and took it for granted you need a new one. Technically I guess we can’t argue much about it, they just changed the default theme of Gmail slightly to a bit uglier one, and made everyone aware of the new Themes feature. Frankly, I’m usually not […]