United Airlines Out Of Office

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Monkey Island Playground

Without any relation to the game (but it should), HERE IT IS! Why not real one? You know with hidden dirty T-Shirt treasures, lovely governors, spit contests, real grave digging and all. That would be much cooler.

Aardvark Spam

Aardvark is a social community site to help people ask and answer questions, easily even through your messenger. Isn’t that great? At least Google thought so when they acquired it. I tried it for one question, got a couple of possible good answers. And then I thought of giving back when I opted to answer […]

Google Communicates with Saddam

Some of you might have already heard about this. The Google Native Client SDK is an effort by Google in bringing the Native Client to the web, helping developers put real rich web applications, without heavy server call backs. Besides the promising future in this short video, you would see the automatic speech recognition in […]