Google Chrome - Last Browser Standing

One day into the Pwn2Own hacking competition, and all 3 major browsers (IE, Firefox and Safari) have fallen down, leaving Google Chrome, with predicted 2% market share), standing on its own. Interesting notes are that Opera was not part of the competition, and the first one falling was, you bet, Safari! Later, the winning hacker […]

Microsoft Gazelle - A More Secured Browser?

After the continuos slip in IE market share to Firefox and the quickly emerging Google Chrome, Microsoft researchers seem to be working on a new web browser that tries to turn things around in the way they treat web pages. While Google Chrome treats each tab as a process by it self, Gazelle, which relies […]

IE8 RC1 Benchmarks… SLOWEST?

Internet Explorer 8 RC1 speed benchmarks have been released by ZDNet Australia, and guess what? Chrome is number 1, and the positively reviewed IE8 so far still falls maginicintly behind when it comes to speed at least.    Read the full post for more details here.

Congrats Open World Browsers…

For the first time in eight years, IE browser users percentage dropped to less than 70% (Thanks to IE 7) as Firefox soared above 20% for first time for a whole month. Chrome has it’s 0.8% share as well, and surprisingly, their launch did not stop Firefox from their expansion. Guess it is a happy […]