Use Sprixi to find free images

It’s always frustrating for me when trying to find an image to use, and I have to keep searching forever to find a license-free photo. I usually go to Wikipedia and see what they have, and I know of some search engines specific for that purpose, but none seems to compare with Sprixi. What Sprixi […]

Google Similar Images

This is actually pretty neat feature, and works fine once you identify a specific pretty popular object like the London bridge in the video, or Cars in my case. But not for places like Kuwait Towers for example. Maybe they’re still building up their full database. It seems to be taking the clouds heavily into […]

Google Digitizes LIVE Photo Archive

  Not only did Google introduce Image Ads today, but also have given the world digital access online to millions of LIVE’s archived photos stretching back to the 1750s, that were otherwise unreachable to most people. To perform a LIVE archive search, simply do something like “einstein source:life“

Google Embeds Ads in Image Search

Today I noticed that Google have started introducing Sponsored Ads on top of their image results page. Right now if I try several searches again however, for some reason it doesn’t show up. Was it just a small testing period? Maybe. The ads anyways don’t ruin the page look and usability to an annoying level. […]