10 ways to customize Google Chrome

One of the main downsides of Chrome compared to Firefox is the lack of extensions feature and ability to do customization. TechRadar is giving however 10 ways you can customize and improve Google Chrome to your likings, including a link to how you can customize or make your own Google Chrome theme. I didn’t know […]

Not enough browsers? How about a GreenBrowser?

Last time I read about a new browser I was like “Ohh God, not another browser!”. It was called Chrome and one day after it’s release it became my default one. Not that I’m at all enthusiastic about this now, but history has taught lessons. GreenBrowser is not something that takes the path of simplicity, […]

Would you like Real Player embedded in your Google Chrome Installation?

If you don’t, you better uncheck the default selected option to include the Real Player with Google Chrome browser. I basically hate it when I download a software, and get a free load of others pushed on me with it! A good extreme example is Yahoo Messenger, which they seem so happy with they wanna […]

Firefox-like Extensions for Chrome in May?

 It would seem that the missing most critical element of Google Chrome is about to be fulfilled with what seems to be more than just plain rumors about possible Firefox-like extension support for Chrome this May. The conclusion was made by an alerted blogger who witnessed the already made announcement of future undated Chrome extension […]

IE8 RC1 Benchmarks… SLOWEST?

Internet Explorer 8 RC1 speed benchmarks have been released by ZDNet Australia, and guess what? Chrome is number 1, and the positively reviewed IE8 so far still falls maginicintly behind when it comes to speed at least.    Read the full post for more details here.

Update Google Chrome to Latest Beta Release

If you’re so much into Google Chrome, and would like to stay at the edge of its latest Beta releases every month, Google Chrome Channel Changer is your tool for this. Sysdigg posted a more detailed article about how to get the latest Beta releases here. For the record, following their foot-steps did not really […]

How to add RSS Subscriptions to Google Chrome

Google have the best RSS Reader in the world, and they released and graduated their favorite new Chrome baby out of Beta as the future of web browsing. Yet they somehow miss a simple easy way to subscribe to RSS feeds and add them to their Google Reader. This is a quick workaround for now.