Apple Makes it’s Anti-iPhone Killer App

The start of the personal computers faced a big challenge and obstacle, which is, what would people do with that computer? Computers needed what they call a killer app. An app that you would go and buy the whole computer for. Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet program was once the killer app for the IBM’s PC in […]

TwittARound - Augmented Reality Twitter Client & more

This is a new upcoming Twitter App for the iPhone called Twittaround. The app works by pointing your iPhone at any direction, and it will show you the tweets coming from there. So if you feel your neighbor is gossiping about you on Twitter, or you feel the guys on the next table are tweeting, […]

First 24 Hours with the iPhone 3G S 32GB

The wait is finally over, and as always, the last few hours were the most difficult. It wasn’t the purchase of the iPhone 3G S that was difficult for me, but rather clearing it out from the customs hands. That’s right. All this and more for this mere device, alongside another small package of 5 […]

AudioBoo - The iPhone Audio Blogging App

AudioBoo is an iPhone Audio Blogging App:People record audio clips and upload them. It can also record the place on the map where this audio was recorded. While they call it a blog, I personally see it more like an Audio version of Twitter… what do you think? Walking through Audioboo from Mark Rock on […]

HearPlanet, FREE (so far) travel app for iPhone

  HearPlanet is a (so far) free travel app for the iPhone and iPod touch that gives you text and voice information about the city you search for. If you have an iPhone 3G then you’re in more luck as it will automatically locate your position. If you think you know a lot about a […]

Smart Ad for Smart iPhone App

Ocarina is an app that will turn your iPhone into a musical instrument. You set your music mode, blow into the microphone and there you are creating music. You can hold down combination of holes, tilt your phone to change vibration and depth, and change keys and modes as well. Pretty smart? Hell yeah I […]

Don’t believe Apple Ads You Fool, says Apple

This is Apple’s official legal response to a lawsuit regarding false iPhone advertisement and misleading customers by saying “twice as fast for half the price” compared with the original handset, when reality is, it sucks for many people and they’re disappointed. “Some parts of Apple’s 32-point rebuttal say that the company was being truthful. But one […]