Apple Makes it’s Anti-iPhone Killer App

The start of the personal computers faced a big challenge and obstacle, which is, what would people do with that computer? Computers needed what they call a killer app. An app that you would go and buy the whole computer for. Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet program was once the killer app for the IBM’s PC in […]

MOC: ISPs should protect Kuwaiti websites?

Ministry of Communications representative in Kuwait have made an official weird announcement following several hacks on Kuwaiti websites, stating that the ministry and it’s governmental sites are not ready against hackers attacks (invitation for hackers), and then went on to explain why they are not ready, and why they can’t protect the banks and other […]

We are one shaky country

Kuwait is an oil filthy rich country, and that’s pretty much all about it. Every week I read about a 5 year plan to change the face of the country, and make Kuwait a worldwide business centre. We read about big millions and billions being assigned for such projects, those projects we never hear or […]

Another Sea Cable Cut At Alexandria

My friend told me there is another sea cable cut at Alexandria (Again, Egypt), and that explains the extremely unbearable slow internet today. We’ve got some great days ahead of us. But there is one good thing from it. YouTube is technically blocked! Hey.. Is that a conspiracy? Or extreme stupidity? Either ways dark days […]