Create your Audiobooks on iTunes

More than a year back, I developed the habit of being a regular audiobook listener, and I usually get a book or two monthly through Audible. The Teaching Company is another source I’m quickly falling in love with, though a bit pricey. In both however, it’s quite easy to download all the media files, and import […]

iPhone 3rd Party Apps Won’t Run Possible Fix

There is a common problem with iPhone 3rd party apps in which all of a sudden, all those 3rd party apps won’t run. You click, and they just flash on for fraction of a second and then disappear. I have had this problem in the early days of the iPhone (although it’s technically still early […]

FreeAppAlert – Daily Update of Now Free Apps

How often do you see iPhone apps you like but there is a price tag on them that makes you resist going forward? The fact is, so many apps turn up FREE for promotional periods, lack of interest, or any other reason. FreeAppAlert is the site to visit everyday to see what commercial apps have […]

Is iTunes Genius Sidear Genius?

You Tell Me   This would’ve been a lot easier to swallow if the name was anything below genius!   Original Link with some extra tests verifying Genius is actually DUMP Sidebar.