8 More Bugs To Go for Mac Chrome

Few days ago, Mike Pinkerton, from the Chrome Project for Mac, tweeted Chrome for Mac release is really close now, with 8 more bugs to go, then signaling just mostly Flash issues remaining. I’ve personally lost patience as Firefox fails to meet my expectations, and jumped to the developer version of Chrome for Mac weeks […]

Have you got your Snow Leopard Pre-Ordered Yet?

If you’re really waiting for it, Amazon have started taking pre-orders for the new Snow Leopard OS coming most likely this September. For the sake of trying to group packages together, I may wait until it’s released and place the order with other items on my list.

Google gives people a look at the Mac/Linux Chrome

Missing a lot of the main necessary features like Flash and printing capabilities, Google have released few days ago a developer version of the quickly raising browser for the Mac & Linux. Aside from the missing features and incompatibility with all sites though, CNET sees it as fast with few glitches.

My Mac is going on debt

Probably the recession… PS: I was just deleting some backup files and not removing Firefox, NO.

O3D Real Time Browser 3D Rendering

It’s not sci-fi, it’s not just talk. Google did release the O3D API to bring the power of 3D Accelerated graphics to the web through Javascript to all major browsers, namely Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and it works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can see below a sample real time demonstration of what […]

How to move TextMate Project Drawer from right to left?

A Project Drawer is the place where the file tree view of the current project is displayed, and boy did I hate to see it on the right! Thanks to this article I found out how to put it back to the left. You simply hide the Project Drawer from the View menu, move the […]

BumpTop 3D Desktop

I received this via email today, and I promise you, it’s like nothing you’ve seen before (unless ofcourse you’ve already seen this :). Makes me wanna buy new powerful PC now! Provided by BumpTop in a FREE and a Pro version, It’s Windows only for now and I’d be really eager to pay and try […]