Interview with Charlie Miller, the guru of Pwn2Own Hacking Contest

Read this interview with Charlie Miller, the guy who took down a fully patched MacBook Air last year in 2 minutes!, and the one who hacked the Safari/Macbook this year in seconds, blaming the app, not the OS! The same guy however, in another article by ZDNet, is quoted for saying Macs are likely less secured […]

First look at Google Chrome for Mac

With the deadline of end of June for Mac and Linux releases of Google Chrome, the first screenshot of Google Chrome on Mac has been published, and it may not be what you expected. Nevertheless, explaining the difficulty Google faces in porting the code and getting it to run, this is still a step in […]

FREE Mac Softwares unde the Mac Giving Tree

Under the Mac Giving Tree you will see a collection of FREE Mac softwares that are otherwise commercial perhaps Courtesy of MacHeist

Be the First to Know about Google Chrome for Mac

If you are a Google Chrome fan owning a Mac, you probably want to go here and sign-up for the Google Chrome for Mac news update, and get instant notification once the Mac browser version is out (in Beta ofcourse :) In their words “Google Chrome for Mac is in development and a team of […]