So funny comic browser comparison by IE8

And what’s more funny is, it’s not even a comic!

What’s the most searched for term on Microsoft Live?

Google No seriously… And How Many People Do it? 1% of all Search Queries are “Google”! And what’s number 2? Yahoo! Seems most people just use to find a way out. So Microsoft, please just help make the world a better place and default your browsers to Google! You can file it under […]

Microsoft Gazelle - A More Secured Browser?

After the continuos slip in IE market share to Firefox and the quickly emerging Google Chrome, Microsoft researchers seem to be working on a new web browser that tries to turn things around in the way they treat web pages. While Google Chrome treats each tab as a process by it self, Gazelle, which relies […]

Tribute to Bill Gates

We must admit despite all our differences, he did make it happen.

Yahoo! still single and looking!

Several months after initial agreement and testing, Google all of a sudden decided it’s too much of a hassle to fight for the Yahoo-Google advertisement deal, and simply decided to walkaway. This coming after Google was directly trying to talk Yahoo! out of Microsoft acquisition at $33 a share seems like a fiance walking away […]

Bill Gates, I feel sorry for you… I really do

 When Bill Gates annouced his retirement from day-to-day work from Microsoft, I really felt the smartness he has. Going away from the company while still in shape, being able to monitor and direct from far is a pretty smart thing to do. Compare that to Apple, which is just another name for Steve Jobs and […]

Microsoft & Nikon Collaborating on… Microsoft Surface?

BetaNews is reporting on a deal between Microsoft and Nikon that “covers digital cameras made by Nikon as well as a [range] of other consumer products each company manufactures and sells.” according to Microsoft spokesman. No further details have been revealed yet about the deal between the two, but BetaNews is predicting it could be […]