Kuwait Blocking YouTube

  Unfortunately, this letter is not dated, but it was published today and confirmed by ISPs. Brief Translation to English: ” Subject: Blocking an offensive website to Holy Quran and Holy Prophet Reference to the above mentioned subject, and in tribute to the book of God and the holy profit, and in compliance to law […]

Wataniya Migrating to Eight Digits Today

I’m not sure if they had newspaper ads or anything else, but this is a short notice. Wataniya sent mass SMS to it’s customers last night informing us they are moving to the eight digits plan today (Friday), and we have to add 6 to all the Wataniya numbers. If you saw already, there is […]

Why the MOC blocked Skype?

  I only heard yesterday that MOC has blocked Skype. I thought of searching for rational reasons behind blocking a voice service rather than throw all my week’s burden on MOC blindly. So here goes. Why did the MOC block Skype? 1. Because it became a dating service? But there are many ways for opposite […]