NBK Secret Question…

So I found by chance 2 weeks ago I have a new NBK card issued from last December, and then later on I knew I only have till end of March to collect it. After collecting the new card I know have the problem of NBK Online using card number as the login, and now […]

MOC Totally Screws Up With The 8 Digits Migration

Tomorrow is the final date for migration to the eight digits numbering plan, and as per the schedule set by the Minisrty of Communications (MOC) them selves, MOC gets to do the migration at last. Nevertheless, MOC have stated several times since summer there are totally ready for this migration, and it’s just a matter […]

Bank Working Hours in Ramadan

  Most people these days would have something to do with banks. During Ramadan, most places have shorter working hours, and this is absolutely normal. Banks are private sector, and they hold a critical role however in people’s lives, so such companies should be careful when deciding about their hours. Unfortunately, it became a trend […]