Organize your favorite tweets with FavorLists

Do you use Twitter? Do you come across so many tweets you like? Do you favor those tweets? If so, how easy is it to go back and dig out those tweets later on? Favorlists deals with this side of the problem, archiving your favorite tweets forever, and allowing you to organize them in a […]

Kuwait Cinescape Patenting New Technology?

Kuwait Cinema Company, Cinescape (a.k.a KNCC), seems to be filing a patent for a new technology, that will revolutionize the world of censorship as we know it. Cinescape says the new technology cuts down the editing time of the movie, and allows for dynamic re-censoring on the fly without having to go back to the […]

QUE eReader To Be Revealed this January

Que, one of the anticipated eBook Readers, is going to be the first it seems to heat up the competition in the year of eBooks reader, 2010. We know you’ve been waiting with anticipation for more information about QUE, the world’s first proReader. Your wait is nearly over. Mark your calendars for Thursday, January 7, […]

Gmail new as you type transliteration

I’d be surprised if this is more than one or two days old as I don’t recall seeing it before. Today as I was typing the email I saw a new option beside the Bold font option. > And it would seem this is an application of the Google Ta3reeb Arabic Transliteration, only it works […]

Finally, a possible good YouTube revenue model

When Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion just 3 years ago, many argued about the value of this purchase, with YouTube’s high running costs and the lack of any revenue model. And it did fail to stop losses for the past 3 years as well, and all Google got from it was new lawsuits, now […]

List your local business with Google LBC (Not the TV Channel)

No! It’s not LBC TV Channel, and no, you can’t use it in Kuwait either. Well, now that we kicked out 80% of the traffic, up with the good news. Google is launching a new local business center service that would allow business owners to list their business details, get trends and insights about what […]

TwittARound - Augmented Reality Twitter Client & more

This is a new upcoming Twitter App for the iPhone called Twittaround. The app works by pointing your iPhone at any direction, and it will show you the tweets coming from there. So if you feel your neighbor is gossiping about you on Twitter, or you feel the guys on the next table are tweeting, […]