Have you got your Snow Leopard Pre-Ordered Yet?

If you’re really waiting for it, Amazon have started taking pre-orders for the new Snow Leopard OS coming most likely this September. For the sake of trying to group packages together, I may wait until it’s released and place the order with other items on my list.

My 2nd Gadget, My Kindle!

This is the second part of my shipment I had to fight for last Sunday besides the iPhone 3G S, so you can tell it was a rather big day, and it will be some time before I get any new gadgets. The Amazon Kindle 6”, quite a fascinating eBook reading device that made me […]

Google Voice Is Not Available In Your Country :(

After all the wait, and an invitation to use it, this is what I got! :(

A look at Google Squared

This is damn smart!

Tasks Now Integrated with Google Calendar

Google have started embedding and integrating the newly introduced Gmail Tasks into it’s Google Calendar. A step forward to the ultimate project management platform I say. With best online document, spreadsheet, calendar, and email, it’s just a few steps away from being combined into a real solid product for managing all your projects. Tasks bar […]

The Box Of Wonders

These are the only words I can think of to describe wolframalpha, the computational knowledge engine. Give it the time, see how effective it can be. See the samples they show, and ook at examples from LifeHacker as well. Alas, the engine still does not know the secret of Monkey Island :`( Each query gives […]

Google Searchology and new search services

Google Searchology is taking place today, and we can see so far several new features that Google are coming up with such as Google search options, which will give results in more organized way, allow you to visualize and filter results more easily according to their criteria as well. Another neat promising thing is the […]