Have you tried Google Living Stories?

I heard about this last week and just tried it out. Google is working with New York Times and Washington Post on a new revolutionary way to read the news. Timeline based news called Google Living Stories. Take a look. Just amazing isn’t it? It’s a lot easier to get in late and know exactly […]

Draw on your Google Docs

Google Docs and it’s other office collections just keep getting better, I just need a project management tool on top of it to fully replace Zoho and Basecamp. Google Docs have just added Drawing tools to their list of features, using SVG, the XML-based file format for describing two dimensional vector graphics, and no Flash […]

Google Translate now gives more than just a word

Since it’s release, Google translate have drawn much attention, being implemented based on automation techniques rather than word to word, as the translation engine was trained by comparing similar articles in different languages. There was one element missing however since then. Given any word, you would get only one translation for it. No nouns, verbs, […]

Firefox-like Extensions for Chrome in May?

 It would seem that the missing most critical element of Google Chrome is about to be fulfilled with what seems to be more than just plain rumors about possible Firefox-like extension support for Chrome this May. The conclusion was made by an alerted blogger who witnessed the already made announcement of future undated Chrome extension […]