Amazon Kindle for $189

Like it?

Amazon Black Friday Week Starting 23rd November

Starting 23rd November, and for one whole week, Amazon Black Friday Deals. I hope I get something good out of it, if I am eligible that is!

BBC Earth Collection Bluray One Day Amazon Offer

The great Planet Earth documentary in Bluray plus Earth: The Biography from BBC is on one day sale from

All AT&T Phones for one cent with 2-year service plan

For one day only from Amazon, all AT&T phones (Why is iPhone not there?) are yours for one cent! But ofcourse the catch is a 2 years contract with AT&T. So it’s US offer, and it’s for people who can sign-up for new plan with AT&T no matter how bad they are.

Amazon Garmin nuvi 885T Goldbox One Day Offer

If you’re in the market… this might be a good offer. Ofcourse you will get a US map with it. So for Kuwait you will need to get middle-east map from Seas & Deserts just behind City Center.

BBC Natural History Collection One Day Deal

If I didn’t already have two of the series I wouldn’t miss it. A collection of 4 of the best BBC documentaries ever: Planet Earth Blue Planet The Life of Mammals The Life of Birds So for $70, you get 17 discs contacting 4 of the best documentary series ever. Planet Earth’s magic by it […]

Amazon Blu-ray Discs Sale

Until March 22nd only. Blu-Ray discs for as low as $13.99. Got me: March of the Penguins The Aviator When We Left Earth - The NASA Mission Eagle Eye