Clicker - What’s On Online

Lots of online TV shows are being broadcasted, and lots of other movies, documentaries, and other video material. is the place to “find the right show, right now”. It will group the shows for you, and then show you the sites showing the specific show/episode you’re looking for. Now ofcourse for most of us […]

Watch the Google Wave

If you haven’t already. It’s about 1.5 hours, but it will show you the future of online communication, collaboration, and sharing. It’s gonna be all open source with a rich source of APIs. So far, it’s the best online editing and collaboration tool I’ve seen, with ability to write replies and notes, and scroll back […]

Draw on your Google Docs

Google Docs and it’s other office collections just keep getting better, I just need a project management tool on top of it to fully replace Zoho and Basecamp. Google Docs have just added Drawing tools to their list of features, using SVG, the XML-based file format for describing two dimensional vector graphics, and no Flash […]

Cisco Telepresence Magic

For those who missed it… I just hope our parliament doesn’t find about this and spend millions on it for class segregation. Man how we misplace technology