Teambox Online Project Management Now Available

Teambox is a newly opened to public open source online project management tool built using Ruby on Rails. The service is available for free, and unlike others, with an unlimited number of projects for you to use and collaborate with others. Features of the tool now are limited to messaging, tasks, and pages, but it’s […]

O3D Real Time Browser 3D Rendering

It’s not sci-fi, it’s not just talk. Google did release the O3D API to bring the power of 3D Accelerated graphics to the web through Javascript to all major browsers, namely Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and it works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can see below a sample real time demonstration of what […]

Google Chrome For Mac & Linux

For those waiting, Google have commented of continuous efforts for bringing the Chrome browser to the Mac and Linux operating systems as their top priority, and the new Chrome 2.0 pre-Beta release already contains pieces of code that are in the direction of one common source code for multi-platform support.   Alas, no release date […]

50 Recommended Firefox Extensions

I came across this list of 50 recommended Firefox loyal users, or Mac Chrome to-be ones. And while I haven’t gone through all of them, the ones that caught my attention, or I am enjoying already are: 1- ColorZilla: One of the reasons I still open Firefox is to get the color of a certain […]