Interview with Assassin’s Creed 2 Creative Director

They’re bringing the game to new levels here really!

Assassin’s Creed 2 Trailer - It’s Strictly Business

I bet you didn’t see that coming in the second trailer! Oww… can’t wait for it. And for further screenshots, click here. Thanks ltmit. UPDATE: It would seem I was totally wrong about my excitement over the second trailer, as it’s for Assassin’s Creed I not II. Sorry about that.

Console Vs PC Gaming on

So I came across this aMap new site via TechCrunch, which takes your debat into a tree-like fascinating way to flip through the debate as it grows. So I started just for the sake of testing (and I have a very strong feeling I wil l regret it) the debate of Console vs PC Gaming… […]

ZoneAlarm Blocking TinyURL

  I have been dazzled for so long about why TinyURLs never seem to work for me while everyone else is happy with it. Bad luck I thought or a common problem people are living with. But today after I received some Twitter feedback and tried it again I noticed, it was ZoneAlarm blocking it […]

Mightier- Draw Your World, Play Your Game

Rules of the game: 1- Draw your world & Avatar on a printed piece of paper 2- Scan your drawing 3- Play your game Mightier from Ratloop on Vimeo.