Beware of using your credit card with

  Last week I made a booking online through for a relative using my credit card, which has been safe and secure till then. Next morning I got a call from my bank NBK telling me there has been a declined attempt using my card at Dubai eGovernment website. Ofcourse I hadn’t. And thanks […]

Khalid Al-Zanki Confirms copy/pasting his content

Few days ago I posted on Posterous about the fraud Khalid Al-Zanki is involved with, which ended up with the help of friends and the social web being circulated around the web massively. Today Khalid has posted a blog post which vaguely replies to ours, and is ironically mostly a copy paste from Wikipedia, but […]

International SMS Scam

  Recently a phenomenon started to spread, at least in Kuwait, of receiving international SMS Scams telling you you have won in a draw, Mercedes in my case. My brother won a 250,000 amount I guess. Frankly, I was a bit jealous from him being younger and bigger winner. Email scamming is cheap and easy, […]