What’s the most searched for term on Microsoft Live?

Google No seriously… And How Many People Do it? 1% of all Live.com Search Queries are “Google”! And what’s number 2? Yahoo! Seems most people just use Live.com to find a way out. So Microsoft, please just help make the world a better place and default your browsers to Google! You can file it under […]

How to force Google.com on Google Chrome

This is a follow up to the disappointing first fix to enforce Google.com as default search engine. While it have worked for few days on all browsers, today and all of a sudden, Google Chrome bar default searches took me back to Google.com.kw. I don’t want you for God’s sake! Do I need to give […]

Google Kuwait not forced anymore?

Following yesterday’s sudden launch and pushing of Google.com.kw on all Kuwait, there was a big strong reactions against it. It turns out most people hated to be forced for Google.com.kw, as they lose some the gadget search it seems along with some other stuff, and what they hated more was the Arabic interface. I’m not […]