List your local business with Google LBC (Not the TV Channel)

No! It’s not LBC TV Channel, and no, you can’t use it in Kuwait either. Well, now that we kicked out 80% of the traffic, up with the good news. Google is launching a new local business center service that would allow business owners to list their business details, get trends and insights about what […]

Apple Makes it’s Anti-iPhone Killer App

The start of the personal computers faced a big challenge and obstacle, which is, what would people do with that computer? Computers needed what they call a killer app. An app that you would go and buy the whole computer for. Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet program was once the killer app for the IBM’s PC in […]

Aramex Tracking… What Tracking?

So I wake up today and check my Aramex shipment status to find they’ve been delivered my package. Finally, I said, and went to get the packages, only to realize there was no package! I re-login to Aramex site and see it’s really not yet delivered, and as a matter of fact, it still shows […]

Google Searchology and new search services

Google Searchology is taking place today, and we can see so far several new features that Google are coming up with such as Google search options, which will give results in more organized way, allow you to visualize and filter results more easily according to their criteria as well. Another neat promising thing is the […]

Google Translate now gives more than just a word

Since it’s release, Google translate have drawn much attention, being implemented based on automation techniques rather than word to word, as the translation engine was trained by comparing similar articles in different languages. There was one element missing however since then. Given any word, you would get only one translation for it. No nouns, verbs, […]

The Magical World of Disney… SUCKS!

Since the release of Lion King back in 1994, Disney have gone into dark ages, deteriorating quality, and lack of focus big time, with some few exceptions. I keep arguing with my parents about their current status, and how they are only saved by PIXAR acquisition, which they refused as an idea several times over […]

Aramex, your chance to earn customers trust

July 1st, 2008 “Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for using our SHOP&SHIP service. Our aim is to continuously enhance your shopping experience with us. Aramex has found it necessary to increase the SHOP&SHIP rates to offset the increase in fuel price and operating costs. Effective July 1st 2008, our new rates will be as follows: […]