Seriously Twitter? You Wanna Share My Phone Number?

No really? You wanna share my email address and phone number so that my friends can find me? And you’re setting it to default? Here are two simple words for you Twitter SPAMMERS & PRIVACY. For the first time Twitter has really failed me. It seems the Google Buzz is doing it’s things already on […]

Watch the Google Wave

If you haven’t already. It’s about 1.5 hours, but it will show you the future of online communication, collaboration, and sharing. It’s gonna be all open source with a rich source of APIs. So far, it’s the best online editing and collaboration tool I’ve seen, with ability to write replies and notes, and scroll back […]

Smart Ad for Smart iPhone App

Ocarina is an app that will turn your iPhone into a musical instrument. You set your music mode, blow into the microphone and there you are creating music. You can hold down combination of holes, tilt your phone to change vibration and depth, and change keys and modes as well. Pretty smart? Hell yeah I […]