Horrible XCite Pre-Order Experience

Last month I placed an order on June 8 with XCite.com for Last Of Us Special Edition as a pre-order using Knet online payment. Game was supposed to come out Friday June 14th. Thursday they called telling me game will be late and delivered only on Sunday I think. This was a disappointment, as we […]

Amazon Kindle for $189

Like it?

Monkey Island II Tie

Remember those Monkey Island sneakers? You do? Wow.. your life must be so empty! But anyways, I got an email that seems from the same shoes designer and you can now wear ties that match your shoes while going to work. You can read her Spanish page if you like (or use Google Translate). And […]

Amazon Black Friday Week Starting 23rd November

Starting 23rd November, and for one whole week, Amazon Black Friday Deals. I hope I get something good out of it, if I am eligible that is!

The Magical World of Disney… SUCKS!

Since the release of Lion King back in 1994, Disney have gone into dark ages, deteriorating quality, and lack of focus big time, with some few exceptions. I keep arguing with my parents about their current status, and how they are only saved by PIXAR acquisition, which they refused as an idea several times over […]

Amazon “What We Think” Summary Section

If you’ve been recently to some of Amazon’s product detail pages, you may have noticed the new “What We Think” box on the right side. It’s a new box for quick summary review from Amazon about the product, listing the good, the bad, and some quick numbers. While this feature is still not always available, […]