So I ordered some thermal paste

So I ordered 3 pieces of thermal paste. Next thing I know DHL Express is calling me to inquire about what is this and for what I need it. Then they told me I must take the papers and go to Environment Public Authority for clearance. As if that wasn’t bad/ridiculous/hilarious in and of itself, […]

Do you want Facebook in हिन्दी?

As someone who knows more about me now probably than my mother, I have to ask “Why do you think I’d wanna use that हिन्दी?” I mean, what is it anyways? Or is it just showing off that your users translated it for you?

NBK Secret Question…

So I found by chance 2 weeks ago I have a new NBK card issued from last December, and then later on I knew I only have till end of March to collect it. After collecting the new card I know have the problem of NBK Online using card number as the login, and now […]