Aardvark Spam

Aardvark is a social community site to help people ask and answer questions, easily even through your messenger. Isn’t that great? At least Google thought so when they acquired it. I tried it for one question, got a couple of possible good answers. And then I thought of giving back when I opted to answer […]

What Happened In My Birth Year?

whathappenedinmybirthyear.com is a fun site that asks for nothing from you but your birth year, and then starts telling you the stories of that year. I tried to sneak into the year 2012 to see whether the world ends, but alas, it does not have information for that year yet. Maybe it’s because the world […]

Organize your favorite tweets with FavorLists

Do you use Twitter? Do you come across so many tweets you like? Do you favor those tweets? If so, how easy is it to go back and dig out those tweets later on? Favorlists deals with this side of the problem, archiving your favorite tweets forever, and allowing you to organize them in a […]

Use Sprixi to find free images

It’s always frustrating for me when trying to find an image to use, and I have to keep searching forever to find a license-free photo. I usually go to Wikipedia and see what they have, and I know of some search engines specific for that purpose, but none seems to compare with Sprixi. What Sprixi […]

FreeAppAlert – Daily Update of Now Free Apps

How often do you see iPhone apps you like but there is a price tag on them that makes you resist going forward? The fact is, so many apps turn up FREE for promotional periods, lack of interest, or any other reason. FreeAppAlert is the site to visit everyday to see what commercial apps have […]

The Box Of Wonders

These are the only words I can think of to describe wolframalpha, the computational knowledge engine. Give it the time, see how effective it can be. See the samples they show, and ook at examples from LifeHacker as well. Alas, the engine still does not know the secret of Monkey Island :`( Each query gives […]

Is This Your Luggage?

OK, this is quite odd. The owner of IsThisYourLuggage.com has the weirdest hobby of buying auctioned unclaimed travel luggage, and photos them as well as the stuff inside them, saying “It’s a little odd but not as odd as stamp collecting.”. He also says he would love to find the real owners of the unclaimed […]