Did you know Javascript could do that?

Chrome Experiments is a library of cool and complex javascript experiments that were made by people from all around the world, combined to show and test the browser capabilities, mainly Chrome in this case, but you can compare it to the other browsers. Here is one example that worked on my Firefox on Mac, but […]

Experimental Flickr Color Picker

The Experimental Flickr Color Picker: Simply, pick the color you like, and get related photos from Flickr :)

New Free Software Every Morning for Breakfast

That’s the healthy for geeks to start the day. The rules of this site are very simple (and smart): New FREE software everyday for the next 24 hours You download and install the software within those 24 hours, and it’s yours for FREE as long as it works on this PC.   With zero dollar […]

Flying soon? Know your seat with SeatGuru.com

A relative of mine introduced me to this site a while a go, and I have to say it’s a must to check before you pick your seats for your next flight. SeatGuru is the site offering seating information for all major worldwide airlines. How often would you pick a seat thinking it’s good only […]