Spam Does Not Pay

So there I was, angry while waiting for the late company delivery when I received an Arabic SMS from sender Message. My smart phone is not smart enough to read Arabic yet (I’m too lazy to reformat it in other words), so I just saw the number in the SMS and called it from a […]

Wataniya Migrating to Eight Digits Today

I’m not sure if they had newspaper ads or anything else, but this is a short notice. Wataniya sent mass SMS to it’s customers last night informing us they are moving to the eight digits plan today (Friday), and we have to add 6 to all the Wataniya numbers. If you saw already, there is […]

International SMS Scam

  Recently a phenomenon started to spread, at least in Kuwait, of receiving international SMS Scams telling you you have won in a draw, Mercedes in my case. My brother won a 250,000 amount I guess. Frankly, I was a bit jealous from him being younger and bigger winner. Email scamming is cheap and easy, […]