Wataniya says “Your email or no Wnet service!”

I’ve been living a couple of dark days after my upgrade of Qualitynet connection caused down time by MOC to switch me to their new port, taking more than two days and spanning the weekend. So I thought it would be a good time to get the Wifi router I wanted from one of the […]

Aardvark Spam

Aardvark is a social community site to help people ask and answer questions, easily even through your messenger. Isn’t that great? At least Google thought so when they acquired it. I tried it for one question, got a couple of possible good answers. And then I thought of giving back when I opted to answer […]

Cute Spammer

OK, so if you’re really bored, Gmail Spam folder has some real fun stuff in it, like this lad here greatly appreciating if I link back to his new ebay & craigslist killer sites. He just failed to mention the stock option I’ll be getting out of this. Dear … I would greatly appreciate your […]

Can we trust 6alabat.com?

              I was really surprised to see this “Signup Now. Your information will be confidential” box as I was browsing the 6alabat.com page, as I still recall the day they sold us out for spam.    So I thought maybe that’s my mistake I didn’t read their privacy policy […]

Spam Does Not Pay

So there I was, angry while waiting for the late company delivery when I received an Arabic SMS from sender Message. My smart phone is not smart enough to read Arabic yet (I’m too lazy to reformat it in other words), so I just saw the number in the SMS and called it from a […]