Kuwait Cinescape Patenting New Technology?

Kuwait Cinema Company, Cinescape (a.k.a KNCC), seems to be filing a patent for a new technology, that will revolutionize the world of censorship as we know it. Cinescape says the new technology cuts down the editing time of the movie, and allows for dynamic re-censoring on the fly without having to go back to the […]

Prepare to go wireless people

A patient have had the first pacemaker with wireless home monitoring installed in his body, allowing information to be downloaded about once a day, and sent to his doctor, as opposed to tedious regular checkups. This sounds so creepy all by it self, but if it’s safe, think of the options! Not that I wanna […]

The Sixth Sense

Who needs Microsoft surface when you can use any surface. I know most of you already have seen, but just for those who missed it. You must watch this.

60 Minutes - Facebook

The Cisco Teleprecense Effect

As I was talking to my inlaw yesterday about the Cisco Teleprecense, and as I was joking about it, I realized it’s seriously bringing a whole new dimension of problems to Kuwait. Imagine this. Every holiday season big fights arise about banning celebrities from coming to Kuwait. Kuwait has authority to ban them from coming. […]

Ubiquity - The Firefox Game Changer

No Comments. Ubiquity for Firefox from Aza Raskin on Vimeo. Visit Ubiquity page for more info.

Mothers Are Obsolete?

Mother is the source of birth, and it’s the source of passion, care, and love. Naturally however we grow to be more and more independent, but no matter how far we go, we come always saying “There is no cooking like mom’s”. This Chinese Japanese robot however could make things different for the next generation (watch […]