OpenSignalMaps Tells Tower Location and Signal Strengths

Open Signal Maps is a free service that relies on data sent from Android mobile apps installed on users welling to contribute a little data back, to help map all the world cell towers and signal strength, so that you no are no longer under vague promises or in need of answers by the telecom […]

Apple Makes it’s Anti-iPhone Killer App

The start of the personal computers faced a big challenge and obstacle, which is, what would people do with that computer? Computers needed what they call a killer app. An app that you would go and buy the whole computer for. Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet program was once the killer app for the IBM’s PC in […]

What are the opening hours of

  Dear VIVA, I have came across the news you are starting real operation on Dec 3rd, which is a great news when many people seem to be complaining about existing telecom operators’ unreliable coverage. Hopefully your firm can raise up the standards in the market. I am trying to reach your site now as […]