Use Gmail Filters to auto-arrange your email tasks

So often do I come across an interesting article or video while browsing the web, especially using my mobile. I want to read the article, or I have something to do with that article, but I just don’t have the time (or iphone is too slow to keep up with the new OS 4) that […]

Gmail Mobile on Nokia 6500 Slide giving ‘Certificate Invalid’ error

This is an email I get from someone reporting the problem, and I thought it would be nice to publish the result for public benefit, so I might be doing more of this later on. Problem is it seems is Nokia 6500 Slide Gmail app is giving ‘no appropriate certificate’ or ‘certificate invalid’ error. What […]

Google Chrome (MUST) RSS Subscription Extension

Know this little icon that appears on the right of the address bar? This is what tells you that there is an RSS feed to this page that you can subscribe to. And this is what you don’t get in Google Chrome browser for some reason. To get it, I have to search for RSS […]

Mouse wheel scroll background inactive windows with WizMouse

If you’ve ever used Mac or Linux, and if you’re a heavy user with dozens of open windows, you most likely have come to admire the simple cool feature that allows you to use your mouse scroll wheel to scroll the open windows in the back, without clicking and bringing them to the front. This […]

Disable Dim on Windows 7 Program Installation Confirmation

There is something really annoying about Windows 7 when you attempt to install any program, and that is the screen dimming that happens before the program installation confirmation message. And while it’s meant to draw attention and avoid unintentional approvals, I see it as an overkill and really annoying when I’m in the middle of […]

Secrets for easy Leopard tweaking

Secrets for Mac is a cool free tweaking utility that will integrate right into your System Preferences, allowing you access to tons of customization options for Leopard, and the 3rd party apps you have as well. Ofcourse there is nothing absolutely new in this, but it will just save you the hassle of searching for […]

How to move TextMate Project Drawer from right to left?

A Project Drawer is the place where the file tree view of the current project is displayed, and boy did I hate to see it on the right! Thanks to this article I found out how to put it back to the left. You simply hide the Project Drawer from the View menu, move the […]