How to hide most visited sites from Chrome New Tab

For those of you enjoying all the Chrome super speeds (and all Windows problems), if you need to disable the display of most visited sites in a new tab, although I personally love it, here is how to do it.

Add Keyword Shortcuts to Google Translate in Firefox

The number of times a day I find my self going to Google Translate or Googling for define: <word> is really amazing, and opening the page over and over is tedious as well. Leaving the tab open is a good way, but hey it will get lost soon in the middle of all the other […]

How to add RSS Subscriptions to Google Chrome

Google have the best RSS Reader in the world, and they released and graduated their favorite new Chrome baby out of Beta as the future of web browsing. Yet they somehow miss a simple easy way to subscribe to RSS feeds and add them to their Google Reader. This is a quick workaround for now.