Use Your Spotlight More Effectively

As a Mac user, and even before that thanks to Google Desktop, I depend on using Spotlight to find files, open apps, and do the quick math on the fly. With loads of files however, that can contain an awful lot of information, Spotlight gets confused and becomes of much less help, as I don’t […]

I’m a Gmail Ninja Master

I have mastered the Gmail Ninja tips. I now hold the ultimate Gmail power! Forget Ninja Gaiden. Take the path to become a Gmail Ninja Master. For First, it’s much shorter, easier, and more user friendly. And second, I bet it will make your life much better than that game! Official Google Blog Post.

Chrome Save Image As Problem

If you’ve been using Google Chrome recently, and for Windows users I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t minimally at least, you may have noticed the problem when you try to save an image with a different than current image name. Problem is, if you rename the image to say “Mars” and click save, […]