Mouse wheel scroll background inactive windows with WizMouse

If you’ve ever used Mac or Linux, and if you’re a heavy user with dozens of open windows, you most likely have come to admire the simple cool feature that allows you to use your mouse scroll wheel to scroll the open windows in the back, without clicking and bringing them to the front. This […]

I/O Brush Pattern Painter

My inlaw sent me this via email, it’s unbelievable fun! It’s basically a brush that would pick up the color, texture, and movements found in anything around you, even your eye blinks, and then you can start drawing with that color, texture or movement. This is the official product website, with some links to their […]

Google Chrome Backup Application

For Chrome users, you may really like this tool to backup your Chrome profile, settings, bookmarks, and history, easily restorable then. Also useful if you use Chrome over multiple PCs. PS: If you have Google Chrome, play with this neat Gravity Experiment.

TwitterAnalyzer - Stats about Twitter users

TwitterAnalyzer is a set of rich reporting charts for Twitter, giving you information about the individual including the Subjects, update stats, his friends, the apps used for the update, and much more. Really a useful presentation of the historic data. Ofcourse your profile has to be public to get the most of it. Ohh and […]

Experimental Flickr Color Picker

The Experimental Flickr Color Picker: Simply, pick the color you like, and get related photos from Flickr :)

Wataniya Migrating to Eight Digits Today

I’m not sure if they had newspaper ads or anything else, but this is a short notice. Wataniya sent mass SMS to it’s customers last night informing us they are moving to the eight digits plan today (Friday), and we have to add 6 to all the Wataniya numbers. If you saw already, there is […]