Give power to the wrong people and this is what you get

To English readers, this translates Quot to Egyptian Sex Movies. This is what happens when you trust the wrong people.

Google Chrome’s Built In Translation

Have you seen this in your Google Chrome? It’s a new feature recently added to Chrome that keeps asking you whether you want to translate non-English pages. It will allow you to easily and quickly translate any non-English text on your page. And yes, I say keeps as I think it’s annoying to have such […]

Google Ta3reeb Arabic Transliteration

Google Arabic Transliteration (ta3reeb) is another cool service by Google, that translates the Roman characters into Arabic and vice versa. Don’t we Arabs have numbers standing for our extra characters, and don’t we get non-Arabic speakers confused when we do so? We have it now as brand names even.,, and others. But the […]