Is This Your Luggage?

OK, this is quite odd. The owner of has the weirdest hobby of buying auctioned unclaimed travel luggage, and photos them as well as the stuff inside them, saying “It’s a little odd but not as odd as stamp collecting.”. He also says he would love to find the real owners of the unclaimed […]

Travel the world in 120 days

German and Swiss scientists are working hard to prepare this solar powered ship for it’s around the world journey in 120 days, due to kick off in 2010. The PlanetSolar, as it’s called, will be collecting it’s solar power from a 470 square meter solar array, charging up it’s large lithium-ion battery pack that will […]

HearPlanet, FREE (so far) travel app for iPhone

  HearPlanet is a (so far) free travel app for the iPhone and iPod touch that gives you text and voice information about the city you search for. If you have an iPhone 3G then you’re in more luck as it will automatically locate your position. If you think you know a lot about a […]

Wanna Plan Your Trip?

  If you ask me, this is something that might get really big and boom, and it’s already on TechChrcunch 50 Finalists. is the site to help you plan and schedule your trip A-Z. You start by specifiying your destination, and then you will get the list of top hotels, restauratans, and activities. But this […]

Flying soon? Know your seat with

A relative of mine introduced me to this site a while a go, and I have to say it’s a must to check before you pick your seats for your next flight. SeatGuru is the site offering seating information for all major worldwide airlines. How often would you pick a seat thinking it’s good only […]