Twitter testing push notification ads?

I got this weird Twitter App notification on my iPhone today.   At the age of information overflow, I have absolutely no interest in knowing who followed whom. Let alone get a push notification on my iPhone for that. So why did I get it? By mistake? Very unlikely. The message is formed to tell […]

Block Unwanted #ZwaratKhames Tweets & More with “Go Away Tweets”

If there is one good thing that can come of those endless Ramadan shows, it’s the motivation to build something to filter them out. It wasn’t really bothering me that much, but it was getting loud enough that it seems there is nothing but this #ZwaratKhames to talk about on twitter that I decided to […]

Seriously Twitter? You Wanna Share My Phone Number?

No really? You wanna share my email address and phone number so that my friends can find me? And you’re setting it to default? Here are two simple words for you Twitter SPAMMERS & PRIVACY. For the first time Twitter has really failed me. It seems the Google Buzz is doing it’s things already on […]

Organize your favorite tweets with FavorLists

Do you use Twitter? Do you come across so many tweets you like? Do you favor those tweets? If so, how easy is it to go back and dig out those tweets later on? Favorlists deals with this side of the problem, archiving your favorite tweets forever, and allowing you to organize them in a […]

Audible Wants You To Share

Oh really? Silly me I was hoping for a way to share my audiobooks with friends. But no, it’s absolutely illegal. It seems however I’m welcome to make free promotions on Audible’s behalf about the books I’m buying. Here is a word to consider Audible “Incentive”. Suggestions: Reward Referrals: Yes I know you have affiliate […]

TwittARound - Augmented Reality Twitter Client & more

This is a new upcoming Twitter App for the iPhone called Twittaround. The app works by pointing your iPhone at any direction, and it will show you the tweets coming from there. So if you feel your neighbor is gossiping about you on Twitter, or you feel the guys on the next table are tweeting, […]

No Twitter for Hitler