Twitter new “more” button feature is nice, but!

There is a new Twitter button (for the minority who use the website :) that will bring you more of your twitter updates on the fly without moving back and forth between pages. This is quite a relief for us, and hopefully them, as they will limit the data being transferred to the real content, […]

‘Twitch Hiker’ charity traveler using Twitter

Is this completely insane or just smart genius experiment to the usefulness of Twitter? Twitterer Paul Smith (TwitchHiker), Al-Jazeera is reporting, is going on a journey that started on the first of March for 30 days, hoping to travel halfway around the world relying solely on other service, hospitality, advise, and transportation of the Twitterers […]

TwitterAnalyzer - Stats about Twitter users

TwitterAnalyzer is a set of rich reporting charts for Twitter, giving you information about the individual including the Subjects, update stats, his friends, the apps used for the update, and much more. Really a useful presentation of the historic data. Ofcourse your profile has to be public to get the most of it. Ohh and […]

Follow Google on Twitter

If you’re into the Twitter world, you may want to follow Google, which just joined yesterday and had already lined up 23,327 followers at the time of this writing, bringing you latest in Google news. How do we tell it’s authentic? Matt Cutts was quoted on Twitter saying “Yes, @google is the official Google account […]