If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!

That’s the motto to live by, at least when dealing with PS3, and I should’ve known from the last PS3 update. But hey, I’ve given Sony more faith than they ever deserved. My plan to beat sleepless night with some gaming to finis Ghostbusters and get ready for Uncharted II turned out to be worse […]

Lawsuit against Sony PS3 v3.00 firmware update

You would think things are supposed to get at least better with newer updates and upgrades, but a quick look at reality tells you, you’re wrong! Vista is the successor of Win 95 in it’s disastrous results, and is being phased out with a new fancier Windows 7 named one. Snow Leopard with all the […]

Update Google Chrome to Latest Beta Release

If you’re so much into Google Chrome, and would like to stay at the edge of its latest Beta releases every month, Google Chrome Channel Changer is your tool for this. Sysdigg posted a more detailed article about how to get the latest Beta releases here. For the record, following their foot-steps did not really […]

Google fixes Chrome vulnerabilities

Google Chrome was released in Beta last week, and really made a serious buzz in the web. Some say it’s nothing serious, other presume this will make the base for future web browsers. I incline with the latter opinion. Either ways, one thing all agree upon is the browser speed. Some new experience lies in […]